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Youth Services

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About the Gibraltar Youth Service

"Delivering youth work. Enabling young people." The Youth Service has been a government statutory provision since 1963, run by qualified youth and community workers and locally trained, part-time volunteers and employees. The Youth Service forms part of the Ministry of Family, Youth & Community Affairs.

Mission Statement

The Gibraltar Youth Service seeks to promote the social education and welfare of young people up to the age of 25 by adopting a policy of equal opportunities, free from prejudice and developing a curriculum, in partnership with young people, that enables successful personal relationships, awareness to local and global issues, individual self-expression and determination that assists young people in their social and personal development, and encourages them to embrace active and responsible citizenship.

What does this mean?

Youth work promotes young people’s personal and social development, working with them to explore and learn about themselves, others and society, through non-formal educational activities that combine enjoyment, challenge, learning and achievement. Youth work offers opportunities to work in many different ways and settings.

From structured, organised activities, like workshops in schools and youth clubs, to informal settings such as street corners and shopping arcades. Youth work maintains a set of common values and skills; a commitment to the social, personal and emotional development of young people, a sound understanding of the issues that affect their lives and the communities with which they identify. Logo